North Shore MA.|Days Gone By

This is my latest still life project with the Be Still 52 class I’m taking. The weekly lessons and inspiration are making for a fun class. There is so much more to still life photography than I thought! The vintage car used is one handed down to my husband as a boy from one of his brothers, (making it very old, haha!). The marbles are from my grandmother’s house that my father had as a boy. You can tell these items were much loved and used from an era gone by.

I used beautiful side light from a northern window and the top of an old cabinet that’s part of a restoration project I hope to get to at some point.

Much loved blue vintage car P I N this to pinterest

Much loved blue vintage car

For final creative editing I added some color toning in Photoshop and one of Kim Klassen’s overlays called Canvas Black Magic.

For those interested, here is a pull back of the set up. I used the diffuser in the window for some shots to soften the highlights.

Pull back of still life sceneP I N this to pinterest

Pull back of still life scene






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