North Shore, MA| A Visit To Howard’s Flying Dragon Antiques

While looking for props for a photo shoot the other day, I stopped into Howard’s Flying Dragon Antiques shop on the north shore in Essex, MA. This is a family owned business run by Howard, Laura, and their two children Cathy and Channing. I almost always have my camera on me and could see many interesting things in the shop I was thinking I would love to take pictures of. Howard nicely gave me permission to take some photos as I shopped around.

Before leaving I asked Laura if I could get a few photos of her as she sat at the front desk. She was surrounded by old treasures and the late afternoon sun was streaming in through the vintage bottles lined up in the window. I stopped by with a few copies for her the next week. I was so glad I did as she told me later in an email, “I will treasure them in a spot where I stood for over 35 years”. I’m sure her family will treasure them as well.


family portrait

Owner Laura Howard


shop owners portrait essex ma

Laura Howard

north shore ma

Candy and Treasures

north shore manostalgic-antiques-essex-ma-sea-stone-photography

This fellow may look ferocious but he was very friendly!

cat portrait -sea-stone-photography

shop mascot


View through the front window

To locals this shop is well known for the fun gold lettered messages displayed in the shops window. Inspired by Cathy, the words are relevant to the local news, seasonal announcements, holiday wishes, the weather, sports, tips and advice.



Vintage bottles with some very interesting labels!


It’s impossible to see everything there in just one visit!



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