Be Still 52 week one

I am taking a year long class called Be Still 52 with Kim Klassen. We will be “Capturing Calm In The Chaos of Life” with still life photography. I am excited to learn new techniques and be challenged creatively in a whole new way. It is a very talented and diverse group I will be learning with and I am sure, from. I went about my house inside and out looking for props for this first lesson. It was fun gathering up different items and seeing how they worked with each other. The first still life photos I tried were just not working and I realized it was harder than I thought it would be! I started over, keeping it more simple. I set everything up on an old gardening table in the yard. The late afternoon sun was coming in from the left. I put up a diffuser to soften the light and was happy with the space I created. It was easy to become absorbed in this project, shooting at different angles and heights. This is the shot I was happiest with for the first weeks project.

Be Still







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